Can I transfer an existing domain to Mando Hosting?

If you want to transfer a domain name over to Mando Hosting you must make sure of the following:

- The domain is over 60 days old.
- The email address on file with the registrar is one that you can receive transfer requests to.
- The domain is unlocked. If you change the status of your domain please wait four hours before submitting a request for transfer. 
- The domain is not in any of the following status': locked, pending deletion, pending renewal or expired. 
- You should try to achieve a domain transfer at least 2 weeks before the domain renews to avoid any complications.

If the above are all resolved then you need to simply select transfer on the domain page and enter your domain. Then process your order as normal and once you have received your confirmation email you can point your nameservers to Mando Hosting.

You will find your DNS Information on your Welcome email sent from Mando Hosting

The changing of nameservers may take up to 48 hours.

For further information on transferring from different hosts please contact

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